Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My turn for flats

My buddy John is always giving me a hard time because I hardly ever get flats on bike rides, but my number finally came up. Friday I went on nice ride with John when I got off work, riding up on the Palouse then coming in on highway 195 for a beer at the Swamp. The first flat was on 195, I grabbed my spare tube, changed it out and started pumping a little over enthusiastically promptly braking the stem off. OK so stick John spare tube in, pump more carefully then off to the bar for a beer. Fast forward to the next day I stop by Wheelsport South and pick up a couple of spare tube return home and notice the tire is flat again. Pinch flat from sloppy change near as I can tell. Monday morning I was riding the other bike with Wade and noticed my tire was going flat just before Boulder Beach. This time I pulled a 2 inch nail out of the tire and got it changed first try. So I think I've had my share of flat for a little while anyway.