Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Music

I pre-ordered a couple of CDs the other night, they both come out Feb. 5 and other then that I don't think they have anything in common.

The first is Chime Bells, it is suppose to be vintage cowboy yodel, some of it not available since it was released on 78.

The second is Kiss Kiss Kill Kill by the Horrorpops.

Here's a funny thing, since we got an Ipod in Apirl I've lost track of the number of new CDs I've bought. The previous few years I bought mostly from the used bin, letting chance and a good deal dictate what I purchased, now I'm finding obscure rockabilly, surf, 50's & 60's garagepunk, western swing, new country punk and pcychobilly, I've got 45+ record labels and online stores bookmarked... maybe if the major labels work at putting out good music instead of trying to protect an out dated business model... anyway enough of that rant


JMH said...

Hey Joe,

I stumbled across your blog via Cycling Spokane, and it sounds like we got some similar interests- beer, bikes, and music. I recently bought an iPod and haven't bought a real CD since then, switching to buying all new music online. I'd be interested in hearing more about some of the online record labels/stores that you dig the most.

Keep on keeping on...

joe said...

Thanks for reading, I put up a few links. Bloodshot for countrypunk and the other two have some wicked good vintage funk.