Sunday, January 27, 2008


As the snow fell in near record amounts last night I put the final piece of 'The Sandwich' in place. For the last year or two I've have been playing with the muffuletta, this a New Orleans original created around 1906 in the Italian markets of New Orleans. I've never been there but having read mystery novels set there, where the detective always stops for a po'boy or muffuletta, I was fascinated and wanted to know what it was. I worked at a place that did a vegetarian Muffuletta served hot but I always felt like this wasn't quite what I was looking for and after a Google search I found the Gumbo pages This a great resource for Cajun or Creole cooking. The bread was the last piece of fine tuning and Friday I tried a recipe that had been percolating in the back of my brain so here's the the result. These three Muffulettas fed 8 people with almost a whole one left, it was a nice evening with friends and family and Wii.


Fucking Bike Club said...

It was spicy and delicious. If we could have gotten some Moon Pies and RC Cola it would have been like being back home.

joe said...

I'll make sure to RC on hand next time, you can bring the moon pies.