Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Commuting to work in February

I haven't been riding my bike to work much lately, not so much because of the weather, the last time was the first big snow storm in December. It's just that I had another option, my brother loaned me his truck so I drove.
The funny thing about riding is that thinking about it is always harder then doing it, but once you're out there you just pedal and get where ever you're headed. It's hard to get new riders to beleive you when you tell them their commute won't take much longer than driving until after they have done it a few times.
So if you're thinking about it, quit thinking and start pedaling.

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Barb C said...

To help those who want to get started, they can check out www.biketoworkspokane.org.

We have events the week of May 12-16, resources for new commuters, and great prizes for participants.

Barb Chamberlain
Chair, Bike to Work Spokane

Work to eat. Eat to live. Live to bike. Bike to work.