Tuesday, February 26, 2008

three martini bikeride

Here's an idea for Bike to Work Week, a three martini bike ride. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-martini_lunch
This would be an opportunity for bike minded people to get together casually and discus bike issues in Spokane and in general. This should be done during the work day, you would of coarse get extra points for bringing your boss or an elected official, and dress should be business casual, yes this means a tie. I'm thinking three bars over an area small enough for newer riders but far enough apart that traffic issues will be experienced and can then be discussed in context. This is the sort of ride where the names of the not so innocent must be protected, yes you should do this on the clock. It's about how the business and the bike communities can help each other, so give this some thought and maybe we can set something up.


Hank said...

Good thing we have this in place.

bleckb said...

Maybe we better make it a three latte lunch/ride. That way rather than people passing out, they'll be all amped up to get something done.